When is Scaffolding Needed?

Scaffolding is an extremely useful tool in construction, however, it isn’t always needed. Regulations around when you do and don’t need scaffolding can be slightly vague or confusing, this post should help you to gain a better understanding of why and when you need it.

The Benefits of Scaffolding

Safety is the biggest benefit to scaffolding since you will be working at height, it is important to keep everyone working on the site, as safe as possible. Scaffolding allows workers to have a level surface to work on so the risk of falling is greatly reduced.

Positioning is another great benefit of scaffolding, although anyone could just use a ladder to work up high, scaffolding gives you a stable and large space to work on. With a ladder, every time you need to move, you would have to climb all the way down, move the ladder to your desired location and climb back up. With scaffolding, there is no hassle once it is up.

Most of the time scaffolding is also used as support for materials during construction. You can transport your materials easily from the ground to the scaffolding and keep them up there while you work, rather than having to go down every time you need something.

When Do You Need it?

The simple answer to when scaffolding is needed is when a risk assessment says so. By law, risk assessments must be carried out where employers are working at height. Although when an individual is doing this privately, a risk assessment is not necessary, it is still a good idea so that you don’t put your own safety at risk.

If you are hiring someone to work on your property and they are completing a low-risk job like a minor roof repair then a ladder may be sufficient. On the other hand, if it is a high-risk job and it may take a longer period of time, then scaffolding will be needed.

Why Do You Need it?

Even when you don’t legally need scaffolding, it is definitely not a bad idea to have it, even for minor jobs. When working at height, especially in wet or windy conditions, you could be at risk of falling and this risk is only higher when equipment like ladders is used that doesn’t offer as much stability. Having a platform that offers this, will provide a lot more convenience and safety.

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